(1612 – 16 September 1672 / Northampton, England)

New World

I opened my eyes today
And explored a new world
Thought new thoughts
Embraced new challenges

I opened my eyes today
Fought back tears
Thinking where have I been
All this time

I remember a skinny kid
With a smile on his face
And a song in his heart
Who lost his way for a while

It was so dark
I lost focus
Lost my grip and balance
On the important things

I opened my eyes today
And saw a new world before me

A world where I can make a difference if I try
A world where I can embrace the real me

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" Together at one tree let us browse" Grand conceptualization in memory of love gone faw and giving him a call for return and reunion. Great love song worthy of classic poem of the Day.
I don't think she is putting everything in order here. I don't find the scrutinizing so spilling and the lines don't go from one lo another so well in musicality. http: //www.4cashpath.com/ I take this to be a hopeful piece, anyway not her best take.
Return my dear! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Where she her captive husband doth espy. Mine being gone, I lead a joyless life, I have a loving peer, yet seem no wife; But worst of all, to him can't steer my course, beautiful poem great 10+++++++++++++++
So meticulously penned in couplets, so typically classical.
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