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Another Life

Curled up infront of your television,
Snuggled into each other,
We fit each other like a jigsaw, bodies made for one another.
Your fingers move along my body, finding my dips and curves,
I turn to face you,
You pull me closer.
My hand glides slowly up your side, towards your face, and we kiss.
Slow and passionate.
Your sent, the taste of your lips, the feel of your soft hair are all so familiar.
We pull towards each other even more, and everything melts away in the passion,
All troubles forgotten,
Everything but us disappeared.
I want you, and you want me,
We crave one another.
Time stops as we make love,
Each time better than the last.
Finally the world begins to turn again, a sense of reality creeps back.
As we lay there silently holding each other, you whisper to me,
'I love you'.

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god you have away to put out on the table just the way you feel and make it sound amazing