Another Life 5

When I returned to the Terminal Hotel
Frances said to Candy, “I like these little drinks.
I like laughter
and to maintain a good job
but lately I can’t work
except once in a while on the street.”
“That’s alright, ” said Candy
opening the bottle of Cherry Liqueur.
“I once was set up
with this guy for a date
when I spoke to him
on the phone
he had a pleasant voice
but when I saw him
he had a big head
like a circle like a full moon
the features all too big.
the worst Fetish I ever saw...”
“Fetish? ” I asked.
Candy said impatiently, “Bernstein,
don’t interrupt Franny
just look out the window.
You like that.”
Frances stared at me saying,
“Fetish. The evil ones,
the ones who lead you astray.
He went into the bedroom.
and took off his pants
then said for me to come in
for sex.
I told him I’m not like that.
Then he pressed me close
and I smelled the Fetish smell
from his ears
and a little from his anus
but not his mouth.
That’s how people are fooled.”
And I listened by the window
to profundities, to pain,
patiently, at peace
in a warm room
with Candy and this woman
safe now
the empty streets
distant, at least
a thousand miles away.

by Charles Chaim Wax

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