Another Lonely Night

I sit and wait,
she plays her games,
seems life to me's not fair.
I could be a happy man,
if not for loves despair.
I know we are a world apart,
a walk within the day.
What it is I do not know,
is why she plays these games.
Does she not understand the heart,
that lies within this man.
How all she does I hang on to,
in every way I can.
Never seeing lust for her,
only purest love.
On my knees in prayer each day,
with pleads to GOD above.
Wishing all the best for her,
promising for right.
She plays her games,
I sit and wait.
Another lonely night...

by Ken Bennight

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I really like this one because your a good man Saint and you deserve the best it’s beautiful. *Purkey Girl*