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أليوم عيد في تقاسم حظه
(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

أليوم عيد في تقاسم حظه

Poem By جبران خليل جبران

Never date Wonder Woman
you will never know what she might do.
She could toss her golden lariat
and choke the truth out of you.

Never date Superman
when he asks you to take a flight with him.
He might dropp you
as he waves to the crowd below.

Never date Spiderman
on any given day.
He might leave dangling in his web
while he is called away.

Never date Batman
because you will never be alone.
He has always got a Robin
bobbing along behind.

Never ever date Dodgy Dave The Vicar
because he’ll preach all night to you
and just to top that
you’ll be chased by Vera with a rolling pin in hand.

22 November 2007

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Comments (5)

You wrote it! You wrote it! laughing so hard...... t x
This is one deliciously silly poem Dave. Love the last verse. I have a mental image of your Vera in full flight with arm raised! Clever penning! love, Allie xxxx
Never Date Dodgy Dave because you don't know what is up his sleeve for you......so you have to keep one eye on him at all time...and watch your back.....but you know you'll always receive a smile in the end...so he can't be all that bad.; -)
I always wanted to try the Bionic Woman. I'd need a mechanical governor for her to help me catch up and a pacemaker for me if I ever did. Thanks for the cute poem. Tom
poetically original. interesting. take care.