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Another Man
AH (05/18/77 / )

Another Man

Poem By altaira hatton

You're another man
and I'm no fan
of yours or theirs,
Neptune and O'Houliahan.

But you're not at all my father,
that pretty boy
with a witches tongue.
And you're unlike my former lover,
his brilliant mind
a noose pre-hung.

You fight your kindness
and trust your blindness

and you ran like a girl.

From me from me from me

it broke
my pretty red heart
in three

One for you,
one for me,

one for all
who fed at my breast,
fed on my mind,
and I left behind.

But it's all I can do
not to woo

For me for me for me

I'm no virgin you see,
and when I sat on your knee
(you weren't a santa to me-
though by some you should be) ,

I simply wanted you
wanting me.

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oh you Bad girl! Breaking his heart