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Another Minute

Another minute goes by and we only continue to fall apart,
This wall of hatred only builds between our lonely hearts.
We slowly slip away from our happiness and all of our good times,
Our relationship follows through with nothing but hateful words and lies.
What is it that is so wrong with me that you can’t love me faithfully till the end?
I’ve fallen in love with you, But this broken heart I cannot mend.
You refuse to wipe the tears that fall from my eyes,
You just sit there and watch all of my pain slowly rise.
I don’t deserve this treatment, I’m giving you everything I could,
I’m so sure I want to love you, I’m so sure I should.
I do have my bad quirks as well as everyone around,
Just love me for me, and we will stand our grounds.
I just want you to hold me with all of your very might,
Hold me when I’m down and make everything alright.
Love me like no other until the very end,
Show me I am your lover, Not just a simple friend.
You tear out my heart with the words that you say,
Then you do nothing, no words, You just simply walk away.
Its hard to believe you love me when you don’t show you care,
And when I need you the most, You are never there.
I am a human being I do have feelings inside,
It’s like you only say the negative things,
And the positive things you hide.
Sometimes I feel so low, lower then the ground,
And believe it or not, STILL you’re the only one I want around..
I only want to love you, I want you to love me,
We can be together,
Just open your eyes and see.
I am not a bad women, I don’t hit you or push you away,
I show you love and appreciation, every single day.
Love is a relationship that is properly built for two,
Just to have you appreciate and love me,
What do I have to do? ! ? !

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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