Another Nameless Face

I have become the web of all rotted dreams
The unsuccessful people try to use me to redeem
Say my beauty is not only what they see
Words that gush from my mouth have set them free
They want to use me to fulfill what they couldn’t be
They know what they have become
Another nameless face in the crowded sea
They drown in the mixed up personalities
They fade into the flaws of what they hated being
Making up for what they ended up becoming
It’s like they are waiting for a development in their imagination
But, I won’t ever give in; I’ll sit in their rotted situation
This right here is my proclamation
The social announcement for my association
I will create a new declaration
That separates me from the society’s ways of domination
Hold my values high; so that not reachable for even aviation
Created myself into my own sensation
Holding the celebration
For the convention of nameless faces into the fixation
Of just the old dying nation
Because we are all just into the fashion
Of the newest creation
To be accepted but, it’s all in our heads our own operation
We give the power away just to become another nameless face well you don’t deserve any congratulation
Nameless faces have become this society of decoration
Another race of lost people, all I have is indignation
You have evaporated the separation
Between lovely and just a simple expectation

by victoria martinez

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Victoria, this is good. I am glad that you are able to stand up for yourself, not to be redeemed by someone just to relieve their minds, but because you are strong and beautiful on your own. Linda