AF ( / Benson, Vermont.)

Another Night In Burly

Almost ten in the eve,
another night in Burly.
Passing the time with another composition
of words.
my verbs,
the pros
captivate my eyes, help time fly.
must stay away until 5.
Eyes glazed -
A hip-hoppin’ evening to caress the beats as they flow,
with brothers by my side –
I will write until the morn meets light;
for the night has died.
Spilling Prague mixed with honey
on a once dark bandana fading slowly.
A group of peoplewatchers to my left.
Speaking of pita
with all being.
To my right,
A beauty quietly at work.
Oh! The shift ends.
Rug covered walls
Tips cling/clanging in a bucket.
maybe a break soon?
one would hope.

Humm ahh ye ne.
Ethnic tunes
Overflowing the room.

L shaped.
with corners to hide.
Where my lover and I once sat.

Ahh, hip-hop and you don’t stop.

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ahh my darling, memories of praue how i miss spending that time in burly with your lovely face beautiful poem perfect description