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Another Night Under The Sun
WO (3 february 1995 / lagos)

Another Night Under The Sun

It's another night under this sun- and nothing's changed
It's another night - at least that's what the clocks tell us
But what can we believe nowadays-
The never-ending heat from the sun? Or the faint voice
Inside that tells us we're still alive despite choking in unease
And looking around, we know nothing's changed
Not the rusty roof above us that has provided no shelter
Not that forest that has only produced dry brown leaves
Not the air of unpleasant smell that around us, weave.
The black bird still perches on the breaking branch
The breaking branch of the leafless tree
Bringing with it, the reigning songs of sorrow
Nothing's changed, tomorrow still stands distant
With only its hands in sight, caressing our cloudy hope.
Nothing's changed, we've stretched out our arms
And our arms are aching, yet we've not reached it.
So we give in, Nigeria falls on its knees
But we'll come back stronger
For we know, this sun will set.

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