Another Night Without You

Darkness slowly encroaches Light,
Suffers now the closing night,
What great knowledge darkness holds,
If all that's learned and felt is told.

I close my eyes and see no light,
But this is acceptable, just and right,
Half our life this torrid realm,
The life we live may overwhelm.

Mind wandering through the haze,
My dreams now become a maze,
Evening shade pulls at the heart,
Yet night time holds a lesson in part.

Darkness engulfs the night ere black,
A candle holds back its' dark attack.
Life moves on, and will extinguish,
That half of life the light can't distinguish.

The night becomes a comfort for thoughts,
Which now, are, no longer wrought,
Desire replaced by willful solicit,
Dreams of conscious thoughts concrescence it.

(2001 Chandler, AZ Middle of the night alone)

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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