DH (11/18/1959 / San Jose California)

Another Party Put Away

Hold fold chair
wait a minute
remember where to put.
Look under stairs
making sure
there's no spiders
hanging there.
Shove chair in
not wanting much,
close door
before sneeze comes.
Dump trash in can
don't forget liner
to much for just one
might need a couple
looking for empties
that got dropped in bushes.
Try not to step in vomit
(at least it's outside.)
Head throbbing still
hose off patio scrubbing hard
leave no stains. Drag
bag of sand from garage
cover rest of vomit
at sides of yard.
Someone’s car keys left
in driveway wonder how they left?
Late afternoon
spend hour calling everyone
trying to find owner of keys
all got home okay
and none were lost.
Another fine aftermath.

by David Howerton

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