JMT (June 19 1991 / )

Another Person's Pain

Through anguish and torture
I let you in from my past to my future
You onced asked why I let it go this way
and at first I knew the answer
but now as I search for the reason it fades away
I cant let you go nor can I keep you forever
I wish I could accept the quote 'never say never'
Although now I realize that I never had your heart
wierd how dreams can be torn apart
I wish I could give you a reason
but my resolve fades like the season
Theres more to me than you know
theres apart of me that I cant let go
The more I try to explain this and make you accept me for me
I realize somethings arent meant to be
I tried to ease your pain
but my sorries come and go like the rain
Im sorry for what we've became
but we've watched each other change like night to day
The hardest part is sayin goodbye
However for now i'll let you stay

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