Another Place Another Time

I feel I may have lived before
Several hundred years ago
I see myself in peasants garb
In my hand there is a bow

And as I stand I'm not alone
For others join at will
To form a line across a field
In front there is a hill

Men on horse approach us
Their intent for all to see
Our arrows arc into the sky
To bring them to their knees

Yet still they come toward us
But we will hold the line
For we are English bowmen
And have stood the test of time

And though I shall not see it
Throughout the coming hours
My death will not have been in vain
As victory will be ours

I feel I may have lived before
So many years ago
And as the shells scream overhead
I hear a whistle blow.

by Graham Jones

Comments (3)

Awesome write, Graham! Brilliant scenery... vivid and well composed! ! Brian
Deep subject we could spend hours on. Please read my write' Question of the Past' Patricia Gale
Once was careless. Twice, unforgiveable! Next time, be a Conscientious objector. Good subject Graham. Danny.