When The Weather Gets Warm

In the springtime as the weather gets warm
I look into the sky as the clouds start to form
They start off real white and then they turn gray
They build higher and higher as they go through the day.
I then ask myself what would the clouds need
To grow into a storm and then how would it feed?
Then, from the heat of the day and the humidity, high
I stopped asking the question ‘cause now I know why.
That's what causes the clouds to build higher and higher
As it reminds me of smoke but without and fire.
It started to rain and then it started to pour
I ran from the yard as I ran for the door.
Then the wind picked up as I turned to look back
That's when the storm turned severe and the clouds turned black.
Off in the distance, I could make out a tail
Of a destructive tornado as it started to hail.
It came closer and closer with a rumbling roar
That's when my hair stood on end as I ran in my door.
I ran to my basement, the only shelter I knew
I prayed for my safety and for the storm to be through.
The wind blew so hard as I heard the trees fall
That I could not think clearly through the sound of it all.
And then the storm left as quick as it came
The destruction it made left nothing the same.
But, I still have my life that's what matters right now
I will have to rebuild, I can do it somehow.
I made it out alive through the worst of the storm
But, that's what can happen when the weather gets warm.

by Roger Horsch

Comments (3)

Awesome write, Graham! Brilliant scenery... vivid and well composed! ! Brian
Deep subject we could spend hours on. Please read my write' Question of the Past' Patricia Gale
Once was careless. Twice, unforgiveable! Next time, be a Conscientious objector. Good subject Graham. Danny.