Another Planet

I can 't really get into this thing,
just imagine that for a second,

old fashioned word thinners,
no winners
just a gossamer coat
of meaning,
so close to the membrane
you feel it going in,
and beating hot
alongside, it all,

yet your not even close,
but as remote as
a lost coat, sort
of dropped in a hurry,

but the fact that something
is still there, or left,
makes you kind of live
inside it,
as if it were yours...

today, I suddenly thought,
wear your kind of thinking,
are you serious,
is it even yours?

there is a lot of trouble
inside, still, and scurries
me from face to space,

are we still alive inside or dead?
circling around the inventiveness,
that you can live again - in something
that requires the deepest deepest breathe...


Could be wrong
and if you are,
and the whole sky
falls down on your head,

to bleed blue or such,
even green,
as red just squeals or squirts
over that partly white bright
sheet of personal life force,

as if you had any choice,
and the voice came to know
what the hell it is we were
really trying to say,

plant your word in
and watch it sort of leave
the planet behind,

so effectively somewhere
else, in another time & place
firmly rooted!

believe us,
it just won't live here....

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