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Another Round

Its Friday night
and I am heading out
to my favorite spot
just out of town

I’m gonna have fun
and lighten my load
Tear a path in my truck
down that dirt road

I’ll get together
with some old budds
Well have a few beers
and a whole lot of fun

When the time is right
I’ll flag him down
he knows what I want
when I order a round

We all work hard
for what little we have
but someone is always
stickin out their hand

I try to help anyone
having a hard time
You can’t accuse me
of never towin the line

I’m a real American
a stand up man
I believe in this country
and who I am

I don’t mind helping those
that help themselves
Or protecting folks
that haven’t a chance

What I am tired of
is giving all I make
To those that do nothing
everyday but take

We don’t pick on anyone
more than anyone else
We just call it like it is
and give everyone hell

It really doesn’t matter
what I have said
No one will remember
when I am dead

If your gonna hit me
you better do it soon
Cause after this round
I’ll be bigger than you

Hey mister - over here
Me and my friends need
a shot and a Beer
To clear our throats
and cloud our minds
make us think everything
in the world is fine.

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