Another Sad And Senseless Massacre Of Our People

Not safe in God’s House
In trouble at the Schoolhouse
In danger at the White House
Especially, in our own house
We’re hunted like the old time
And persecuted
Like breathing was a crime.

Too much racial hatred
This is a new, new apartheid
They want our blood, our sweat
For nothing, for pennies
They want us on our knees
Begging like a cheap pet
Like we have no self-worth
But we rather see early death
In lieu of losing our dignity
Our pride and our humanity.

Another sick and senseless massacre
Another day of mourning
Another day of torture
Our People are tired of suffering
Our safety is in jeopardy
No place to hide our heart, our soul
We can simply pray for a better journey
For better opportunities and a happier role.

We shall overcome
We are not afraid to fight
Until the last beat of the heart
Until the last bell of the bout
We will get Home
When we hear the last words
Of the amazing grace
We belong in this place
And this place belongs to us
We want Peace
But Justice first
We’re angry, hungry and athirst
To see the day when this nonsense
Will stop, will cease
Eating away our sense
Of Happiness
And Fairness
Like a Parisian cheese.

We shall overcome
Not safe in God’s Home
This is another day of sadness
Another journey of unhappiness.

by Hebert Logerie

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