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Another Sad Love Song
FK (3 August 1986 / )

Another Sad Love Song

If leaving words not said would hurt
Then I would bleed unto the dirt
My heart would ache
My soul would break

When I was so close to say to you
The words to say and things to do

But I let you walk away
When I had so much to say
But how can you know what is in me
When you don't see me the way I want you to see

I try to run
I try to forget
I try to regret the day we met

And everytime it seems I'm over you
You smile at me the way that you do
It melts my heart
Shiver up and down my spine
You make me feel that you could be mine

But then that hope doesn't stay for long
You leave me singing another sad love song

And now I won't see you for months to go
Thus I hope to forget you
I hope so, I hope so

Not seeing you for so long
May end my grief
Less not my end of ache for not seeing you be brief

It hurts that I wish it was true
I wish I didn't, but then I do
I can't believe I'm such a fool
For letting myself fall in love with you

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Comments (4)

hi dear poet this is a nice poem because of love made heartache to whole humans
My friend, I have lived what you are describing here and you have a way of pouring out all those regretful feelings into verse. Your poem is ingenious and one of the best I have read on this site. Thank you, thank you so much for sharing!
i like it! i really, really like it! ! ! ! ! ! !
oh god, why.........tell me why? love is so beautiful and so great. i feel like i'm reborn................yes reborn.