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Another Scar
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)

Another Scar

I close my eyes tightly
And bite down on my shirt
Knowing it's about to hurt
I breathe slower
Take a minute to relax
Then lift my sleeve up
Mark my arm
Then light an insent
Blow out the flame
Take a deep breathe
Then bring the hot ember to my arm
Start to make my mark
Halfway through I stop
Realizing my room smells like burning flesh
But I cant stop now
Keep going till i'm done
A couple of minutes pass
I put the insent down
Light up a newport
Then I think to myself
What did I just do?
Before I can answer myself
I smile and laugh at myself
What an idiot I'am
Oh well
Just another scar
A scar that represents me

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Comments (4)

a great great poem loved it,10-10
I really like it and enjoyed reading it: 'Oh well Just another scar' That really hit me as that is what they are scars and I think that way to. Its just another one on 'My Own body' they are my scars they repsent me. -Kris
Stark and powerful in its portrayal of youth.
It's very sad Ashley. So many young people are growing up with their bodies covered in scars from themselves. I wish there were an easy 'fix' to this growing problem. Take care. Sincerely, Mary