Another Self-Harm Poem! ! !

You don't understand,
Make me feel stupid, small
'Doesn't it hurt? ' you say
But you don't understand
The hurt it hides,
The relief it brings.

You look at me strangely,
I am lost for words,
There feels no point in trying,
I'll still be odd whatever I say,
I cannot push that away
As I can't erase the pain.

'You must be so low to do it',
But you don't understand,
It keeps me from sinking,
Saves me from the pit,
Gives visible hurt to inner hurt,
And gives me such relief.

by Becky Ginn

Comments (2)

I just want to thankyou, for explaining self harm to me. your witing helps others a lot xx
Is this poem about what the Doctors call 'a cutter, ' someone who cuts themselves? If so, it expresses the pain they feel in a very sad way, 'the outward expression of inward pain.'