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'Another Shoebox On A Shelf'

When will I too become,
Another shoebox on your self?
Filled with some of life's images,
Or just seen as someone else?

I've seen your large collection,
Of the boxes that you've stored.
Could you have gotten anymore on your shelf?
Could you have gotten, just one box more?

I took one down and looked inside,
Wasn't nosing, just curious to see.
Of how many of those boxes,
Were stored memories of you and me?

There were photos there, that was for sure,
But none of which were mine.
They were taken of other women you knew,
At another place and time.

Please forgive me, but you looked happier then,
And if you think I was a snoop.
It was the way that you've been acting dear,
Left me to suspect, that I was being dooped!

Someone said they saw us last week,
In a dark show the other day.
And asked if I had done something with my hair?
Said it looked longer, an was styled a different way?

I said, 'you must have been mistaken,
My husband was out of town.'
'He had some work for his company then,
And you could'nt have seen him or I around.'

Now I'm placing all our photos',
In a shoebox my husband dear.
And when someone else goes snooping
They will know that I was here.

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