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Another Sleepless Night

Another sleepless night.
Is it to much to ask
just to be held.

I watch you sleep
I wonder where your thoughts
are now.
Is it with her.
Dont think i am a fool
that i dont know there is another.

The late night conversaitons
the excuses not to hold me.

Is it so wrong to want to hold on.
Have i lost all my self worth.

How did it get here.
Who's right
who's wrong.

I have waited long enough
for you to come around.
Now its to late.

I realize as i close the door behind
there is no turning back.

I guess this is what i needed
to move on.

Its my turn say anothers name
in the middle of the night.

Now who's right or wrong.
As he takes my suit case
He asks me if i am sure.
No regrets
He has waited patiently
As you tried to destory me
You lead me to believe it was me.

But there wont be no regrets
i will be in the arms of one who wants to hold me.

You will wake up to the empty bed that
i have experienced one to many times.

No more sleepless nights

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Rudyard Kipling


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