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Another Sleepless Night
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Another Sleepless Night

A guardian angel of deception
Bearing a cross of corruption
A zigzag path into dementia
Taking a directionless ladder into an unknown galaxy
Seeking redemption without explanation
Through a river of lies that flows infertile
With pain a constant sorrow with no boundaries
Anchored by doubt and delusional entrapment
What is your truth but a contradiction of lies
Trembling in a body of uncertainty
I ask myself, who are you
Listening to stardust fall down from the heavens
I misstep into the blood stream of dreams
Ricocheting caresses of untamed emotion

Another sleepless night
I hold the blankets tight

I pray for guidance to appear
To soothe this affliction so severe

But under the covers
A naked dream smothers

A cold sweat drenches my pillow
Clenched fists could snap a weeping willow

Time sneaks up like a silent snake
Another minute of darkness I can’t take

Too many monsters and villains to defeat
The heart pounding on a dead end street

A piercing beam of light darts through the drapes
Standing guard like a sentinel, so no one escapes

The blacks turn to grays then to white
I survived another sleepless night

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