MJC (1/27/92 / Edina, MN)

Another Teen Statistic

I don't want to be
Another teen statistic;
Don't want people that know
Nothing about me to tell
Me how I'm running
My life.

I wear all black
So they say I am
A goth.

I have problems to
Deal with;
So they say I
Am depressed.

I am a young
So they say I
Am irresponsible;

I write my poetry
From other peoples
So they say I need
To go to a shrink.

I don't want to
Be judged anymore;
By more shrinks
Making up how I live;
Like another teen statistic,
From tests they take,
From how other people turn out.
Well, guess what?
You're wrong,
I'm not like other people;
I am me,
Not a lab rat to
Be tested on.

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