'Happiness Makes Up In Height, What It Lacks In Length'

My dress, blue
sunlight playing
in the dusty summer air
swirling around me
showing the faults that I
I ignore for now

Your smile, bright
and the words we say
float on a breeze
to a better, happier place
and so we float
on the dust, on the sun, the summer
and we float unto

Yet, even if it doesn't seem to
eternity does end
and realization pierces through the dusty haze
and realization stops the breeze
cold in its tracks
eternity does end
so why bother

because, oh
'Happiness makes up in height, what it lacks in length'
Robert Frost

by Fiona O'Connor

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Marguerite, What a wonderful, vivid poem you've written! I absolutely can imagine being right there. Thank you for your words. Kate