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I Am The Mojave

I am the white quartz,
That sparkles so.
I am the Desert Willow.
I am the Santanas,
That burning blow.
I am the night eyes burning yellow.

Yellow, I am the creosote,
Covering the land.
I am the washes and the hills.
I am the golden grains of sand,
I am the cure, for all your ills.

I am great mountains,
Topped with snow.
I am the clear blue sky.
I am the friend you long to know,
I am the Ravens flying high.

High, I am the stars that shine,
So bright.
The clear night air,
For endless miles.
I am the cool welcoming night,
Following the heat,
And noon day trials.

I am Coyotes I am the rattlesnakes,
I am Jackrabbits running free.
I am the land that takes, and takes,
I am the Desert, a vast dry sea.

I am called Mojave,
Yet what is in a name.
Some claim I am Paradise,
I am the Bronc, you will never tame,
Inside me you will find no lies.

I am abundant life, but also death,
Depending on your unique vision.
I'll take your soul, likewise your breath,
I'll drive you to the edge,
Of reason.

I can be your mortal enemy,
But much prefer,
That I should be your friend.
Many before have felt my lure,
I am the Mojave, I have no end.

9/5/13 Alton Texas.

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Rudyard Kipling


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A well cafted piece with a touch of darkness. Thanks for sharing such vivid imagery. Great write
It's not in / my personality to have charisma, a / strong will and ambitions / I need something... romantic like sweet / kisses and delicate / caresses.... //.... It is not always possible to get what we want but be positive and make sincere effort to make your dreams come true. Thanks & Congrats.
A soliloquy of a common women narrating her strengths and weaknesses as also her demands from life. Congrats on poem of the day.
Honest feelings pouring out of this brilliant and intriguing.poem. " Sometimes I fear too much of the darkness and of my shadow." ...... The negative vibrations of this uncertain existence? Congrats for POD.
Congrats for poem of the day! Nicely done!
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