Sassy Girls

There were Sassy Girls,
Who flirted,
Painted their lips bright red,
Wore their hair up in curls,
Pinned up the night before
With Victory Bobby Pins.
They wore their dresses short,
And had their stockings -
Rolled down!

They had an attitude...
An 'I can do it' one,
Learned from Rosie the Riveter,
Or was it Betty Boop,
Wonder Woman,
Lois Lane,
Or Eleanor Roosevelt?

They wore those long, sleek, silk pants,
Just like Lauren Bacall, and Joan Crawford,
And used phrases like,
'If you want me, just whistle...
You do know how to whistle, don't you?
Just pucker your lips - - -
And BLOW! '

These Sassy Gals
Built the ships and airplanes,
Became the nurses and doctors,
Learned to teach, or direct traffic,
Even plowed the fields
And ran the Red Cross USOs...
All so the men they loved
Could go, fight the war,
And sometimes, just sometimes,
Never return.

Dedicated to my Mother, a Sassy Girl for Sure! !

Scarlett Treat
April 8,2009

by Scarlett Treat

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A nicely written poem on Americana life.