Another Wave Of Grief (From A Story In The News About A Lebanese)

When spring comes
Flowers wave along the walls
Happiness and joys come
To our deserted village
For years we wait to recover
The wounds that burn
For years we bear
The scars of destruction
Then we are near to escape
The trauma of dejection
Suddenly everything shatters
A child is blown while playing
With untested mines
Another wave of grief
Stipple our throats
We return to our past
To migrate to a shelter
Where we find wounds
Blood, cuts and burns
Mad cries we hear
Another wave of grief
Stains our history
We learn a new lesson
Of hard struggle and survival
The game of life and death
We cannot clear our memory
And still another scar
Betrays our minds
When we are near to forget
Then someone again remind us
Of the terrible past
We think people cannot bear
Our happiness and joys
They amaze themselves
By making us poor and migrant
By making us slaves and terrorists

by Abdul Sattar

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You express yourself with deep emotional feeling Abdul, I am so sorry for the grief rained on your people. How you survive, only god knows. My heart goes out to you, Tai