Another Way To Poetic Words

Poem By Bullion Grey

Scatter yourself in the wind, allowing any direction to float.
Landing upon many a person, inser yourself inside their coat......
Listen and note each thoughtless thought, conversation and attitude, careful to jot any simple jot, that catches in your shoot. (lol)
After gathering moments of mind, review your notes you see;
then look around for wandering bugs and them you want to retrieve. Combine with care each element of measure and hold for a day or two. Then when in a mood of the pleasure, look in to see the view.
If not a thing has risen thus far, don’t worry or be in a brood.
It may take time, for you to design a poem that’s worth your food!
But time will come, and pass they say, leaving all hurts amended;
and as it does you can be assured your poem will be attended.
There’s' no designation among contemplation where a rule is just a rule, every person will discover, at time or another that art can treat you kind or cruel. If it comes to pass, that your's at last, the words of poetry true, then blessed you'll be, around you'll see, that the Muse has smiled on you.
If nothing comes, and you await, yet hopelessness overcomes you, please don't whine nor hesitate, this just might be a cue.
In the work of those who dare, is hidden in the hue,
though plenty there is, no doubt a clue - that writing may not be for you. If this the case just set your pace a little slow and anew,
for those that are bolder, might peek over their shoulder,
and look for another art to do.
(it takes 45 muscles to frown, but only 14 to write!)

Comments about Another Way To Poetic Words

a beautiful wonderful true writing, and the true words will find her day, her admiring audience when today you got me so one of your reaer i will be...10+++for you..enjoyd the reading
(it takes 45 muscles to frown, but only 14 to write!) I never frowned once reading this... Good write... Colin J...
Another great write BG...and reads so well...think I will use the 14 muscles and write: 0) ...Fi 10+++
thank you for another useful tool.............John

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