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Another Win
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Another Win

Oh yes, the LOTTERY.
Another one I did not,
would not, could not
participate in, yet
my lucky number found
its own sweet way
into the pot of gold.
thousand Euro STERLING,
no doubt another new,
perhaps exciting
currency has raised
its interest head
while I was busy
writing poetry of rhyme.
Would anyone
in need of money
become my agent,
fetch the dough
for me and send
just fifty Eorocent
in every Sterling
to me, who lounges
now, in my recliner,
(inflatable, of course)
at Woorim Beach.
Potato Vodka
by my side
and dreaming
of conversion rates.

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Comments (3)

I still try with our lotteries here....it 82 million down here....lol!
I'm angry! Is that what happened to my Mercedes? ? ? ? ...lol LSP
Think what would happen if you up and flew to Las Vegas where the jackpots are routinely ten or twelve million dollars. Of course you could write hundreds of poems before you won...but what fun. Raynette