RI (15-03-1969 / Paramakudi)

Another Winter Evening And Hot Tea Cups

Would you mind, switching off the TV?
Good, Thanks…….

It is time, we talk serious things.
No, not gossip.

I talk of other serious things.
You forgot to read today's newspaper.

It is there on the teapoy
I don’t mind. But, one day there may be no newspapers.

Only tabloids.
The prices you pay may be excessive.

You forgot Marlowe, Byron and Lord Bacon?
The book shelf is dust-laden.

The dictionary is untouched. You see silver-fish brooding inside.
Your recreation is in your fingertips.

(This remote control made you lazy in front of the idiot-box)
You never even buy a paperback.
Would you mind spending sometime with me?

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