Another World

Poem By Lee John Siebritz

When I close my eyes and fall asleep

That is when I dream

Entering an entirely different world

Where there are different souls

Having a great time playing with them

The fun never seems to end

There's no limit to the time up their

It's very clear and everybody cares

The adventure and the view is to die for

It's like being a little timetraveller, in the sky you know

The people are friendly and there's no violence

Their lives are so hectic that that they go about in silence

Another world a place that's perfect

Boundless, breathtaking, Celestial

And when you wake up, you back in reality

In a place where there are crimes and mortality

But Hopefully this will change

And everything just like it was in my dream be perfect and great.

Comments about Another World

With my feet on foreign land I weave dreams of my neverland Where goes my home country once in peace and harmony?

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