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Another Year

another year
another reason to die
ive watched all the pieces fall away
ive lit the fire the burned the holes
that lead to my destruction
ive been alone for seventeen years now
but something truely disturbing
my arms have felt nothing but air
my lips tasted nothing but smoke
its new years
that means a new year to be sad
come to think of it ive been sad since the day of my second guess
the day i saw the darkness at the end
my destruction date
i smolder from the inside out
im a burning building waiting to fall
and yet i stand strong somehow
my pillars have not broken yet
my structure will continue to hold
but my mind begs for them to collapse
let me fall into my own abyss
allow me the pleasure of death
my lips still waiting
and my heart is truely empty
as the clock rolls over into the next year
my mind rolls down to a whole new plateau of sadness
my building will probably not fall for a long time
but stand quivering at the inevitable end i face
the pieces fit but they have yet to be found
maybe they burned away with my last shred of hope
after all this is just another year to search for them

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