A Ballad Of Willliam

Lord of Hosts in Heaven!
How great are you lord!
Even the vast earth and heaven
They all declare in one accord
The splendor and bliss of Heaven
Together they echo, ‘The Lord is God'!
The creator of earth and heaven
You hold the earth in your hand
With a simple exhalation
You said. ‘Let there be! ‘And humanity popped!

Oh Lord! Though I am popped in the Oven
I will NOT stop singing my Ballad
Lord of Hosts in heaven!
I will surely sing my Ballade!
Nezzar will pop, ‘He was only one? !
But now I see a hundred! '
Yes Lord, I know even a dozen
Can chase a hundred thousand!
Surely, my help comes from Heaven
I know I will stand

Lord of Hosts in heaven
Even in my trial I will still stand
You died for my salvation
And so Lord, I now understand
Indeed you are my haven
Even though I bleed
I will not go the Heathen
You have ne'er changed my Lord
Lord of Hosts in heaven!
I will surely sing my Ballade!


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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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You will eventually find that person, for the last two years, I have also waiting patiently, no giving up increases the chance of success...'IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS' will reveal all what I have been through...read it and enjoy it, your poem is a well penned piece, keep it up! 10+++ HAPPY NEW YEAR!