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JP (10/03/92 / Hadley)


The Answer
The lightning flashed as angels
Rode fiery chargers through the clouds
That answer scared me into tears
And all the grownups laughed out loud

Now the years roll on, tired voices have all gone
Now they ride their thunder through the heavens

There’s a word in every dropp of rain
Embracing oceans sweep us home again
Come along with me, come along with me
Seek the truth, you shall not find another lie

They say that for every living thing
There’s a guide up in the sky
That helps you pass from world to world
So you really never die

So with scythe and cloak
Death come waltzing to your side
As the visions pass you ask
If there was meaning to your life,
As you strain to hear the answer, spirits sing, and devils fiddle
As he bends to whisper in your ear, he leaves you one more riddle

Oh, the answer lies beyond the pain
All the questions in our minds, we surly ask in vain

And now my life is like a storm
Growing stronger every day
Like the unrelenting wind
That comes to blow our life away

So I live each day like I know it’s my last
If there is no future there must be no past

Now I know the answers never meant a thing
And with each instant I breath
I feel the joy that life can bring
Come along with me, come along with me
Seek the truth, and you will fine another life..

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yeahhhhhhhhhh.the answer is in your hands..........nice write........
that was amazing! ! ! ! ! I really love it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! keep it up xxxx warmest regards, emotional girl