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CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)


Food doesn't tempt me anymore
I only sleep due to exhaustion
I wake up with pain in my ribs
My poor heart has been broken

My eyelids are swollen
huge purple bags under my eyes
I have been crying non-stop
as if a loved one has died

I've noticed I've been losing weight
I can't watch a movie or read
My mind is obsessively preoccupied
cause you won't give me the answer I need

I don't even like looking @ my hands
because it reminds me when you held them
daydreams and fantasies are fading
because it seems you'll never be my boyfriend

I can hear my heart beating in my stomach
my chest is stinging with the absense of a heart
I left myself so vulnerable
I told you everything-all I could impart

Now you know my history, my fears, my pain
but it was over before it had begun
and I am left to cry and repeat
'What did I do wrong? What have I done? '

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Wow, deep or what great stuff.
your poems are very deep.what is the title of the poem written for me