RS (29/07/1970 / Sheffield)

Answer Machines

Annoying bleeps and robotic voices fill my head
Nobody at home or can't get out of bed
Soothing tones plead with me to leave my name and number
When will I hear a human voice to wake me from my slumber
Each and every call I make I get the same result
Really such a waste of time and an irksome insult

My job is to talk to people, but with machines I can't perform
Answer phones are the worst invention and in need of some reform
Children and celebrity messages make me laugh a lot
How annoying does it get when you hear fifty on the trot
Its so refreshing to speak with someone and pass the time of day
Now the machines are taking over, escape there is no way
Everyone please make the effort to pick up the phone
Speak to me say hello, I'm feeling so alone

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