! ! ! ! ! ! ! Answer Me, Please Lord...! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Do You like a potter,
Sit down with clay
And give things shape…

Do You like a painter,
Mix colours in a pallette to paint
Such beautiful landscapes…

Do You like an engineer,
Make blue prints and calculations,
Before carrying out Your vision…

Do you like an architect,
Make drawings and rough sketches,
Before staring a project…

Are these childish questions?
Am overcome with wonder,
As I look at Your creation…

Tell me, tell me, and tell me
It's not true; all I see is
Simply an illusion…

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (6)

The illusion is His creation...a reality elusive to most...truth searching write...thanks Mamta...10
GOD is a potter, a painter, a composer....., - all rolled into one! You have nicely brought up the concept of 'MAYA' in our Philosophy, where volumes have been written! I love to step in it, wet my feet and again come out of it! 10+ as always! -Raj Nandy
Yes, like a potter, a painter, an engineer, an architect, and what not? Wonderful creation—where we look.10+++
This is an absolutely exquisite write Mamta....10/10
this beautiful should'nt be an iilusion...our vision and the sun give it the colour they say'''science seggregates...religion integrates...lovely and simple
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