Answer To Prayer

Be not afraid, for I am with you ever:
Yea, I am with you unto the world's end:
Though you forsake Me, I shall leave you never;
I am your Lord, your Brother, and your Friend.

You know by now the world you live in hates you;
Your life seems like a living tragedy;
You're scorn'd and scoff'd at, everyone berates you;
You only wish your enemies could see.

Me love and follow, people slandering you;
Endure it when you wish that you were dead;
I died for you, from death to life to bring you,
And I did rise, exactly as I said.

If you do well and serve Me as you ought to,
Submit your will to Me without restraint,
Then you, now thirsty, will at last be brought to
Heavenly waters and become a Saint.

(Saturday,4th August,2007.)

by David Mitchell

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Delightful write David. Beautifully constructed and a pleasure to read. Lovely thoughts and good advice for us all. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX