(13 June 1831 – 5 November 1879 / Edinburgh, Scotland)


Whole day I carry a burden of load in mind
A way out of this maze I desperately try to find
Rewinds it like a flashback in a slow moving film
Was he at fault or wasn’t I unfair to him?

Then there’re words that I would rather not have said
They raised some eyebrows a few enemies made
In course of the day they make me sulk and fret
Agonizing mishaps breeding gallons of regret!

Add to that my actions that might have caused a hurt
Sweet bonds loosening relationships coming apart
I’m tormented by these diurnal horrors the recurrent day-mares
Be sure they’re much scarier than any of your nightmares.

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with your splendid roundabout Of mighty power, new-hung and greasy, With galvanometer so stout, A new research would be as easy; very good poem.. tony
Answer To Tait, Brilliant narration in well constructed sestets,
Touch of brilliance, touch of class, a masterpiece.