Tomorrow's World

Darkness cursed the Earth and all there in
A blackness so dense concealing every piercing scream
Multitudes huddled in groups scattered on little fragments of land
As the Earth’s crust began to boil, under the feet of the damned
Burning flesh and sulphur filled the air
Causing the multitude to curse and swear

Some leap into the molten lava hoping they would die
Only to find they are alive as they sizzle and fry
Loved ones watch helpless waiting for their turn as they cry
As the earth’s crust gradually melts the people on the edge fall in
Grasping desperately at others to prevent the inevitable painful din

Burning trees heavily laden with human fruits
Surrender and collapse for they no longer have roots
Animals feral with pain and hunger
Rip flesh in their last effort to survive from the weak and the younger
Their end is a beginning of a new world
Of the pain and suffering for the blood they have spilled
The smoke concealed by the darkness denying it to pollute the sky
As the darkness hides their screams not allowing them to die...


by sidney hall (The Mad Poet)

Comments (25)

Great short and sweet poem depicting a great truth.
A short, succinct poem with a whole lot of meaning. A glorious life with rich experience lived well is worth an age!
Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife! To all the sensual world proclaim, One crowded hour of glorious life Is worth an age without a name. excellent
One brief moment of fame and notoriety is preferrable to a life unnoticed? Sometimes Fame can be unfortunate and sometimes better than nothing..Very few people can handle the attention fame brings unless they seek their moment in the Sun..
A resounding clarion call which makes more meaning within the context of poem attributed to Major Mordaunt.
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