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How many souls
Have come and gone
Before me?

How many had
The same questions?
How many
Found the answers?

And if they found them,
Then why does my soul
Long for the reasons
For their deaths,
For their lives,
The reasons for mine.

And if I should find them,
Will I have the wisdom
To know them as answers,
Or will I lack the understanding,
And see them as questions.

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Comments (2)

Hey Girl...You sure arae getting deep and meaningful. More great work from you worth a 10. Another little bit of my philosophy...It takes a long time to understand. But do we really have to? Surely we should simply move one day at a time, knowing we have done our very best each day, to become wiser and stronger.? ? Hugs Jan
In life sometime you do not get all the answers....I enjoyed reading this poem....