'Ant'Enna Dance

Poem By JoJo Bean

I'm sitting here at home
trying to write a simple poem
I'm staring at the floor
Not knowing whats in store
I see a trail of ants
then I try and take a stance
To get a closer look
and that was all it took...

I watched with fascination
One of the tiniest of creations
Communicate to each other
To their sisters and their brothers
It was funny at first glance
As it seemed to be a dance
They weren't using hands like us
It was a different kind of trust
They were using their antennas
To show what was on their new agenda
They would walk up to each other
Face to face but not to smother
Then their antennas start to fly
As they tickle in the sky
Passing along the information
On from station to new station
The words they passed along
Must have been so very strong
Because in their antenna dance
The ants seemed to be in such a trance
Even all the younger
seemed to have a little hunger
Every word was understood
To follow if they could
'Please, all step in line
and you'll find a place to dine! '

21 March 2007

Comments about 'Ant'Enna Dance

Yes it’s sweet and cute poem with minute observations on the tiny being, hats off
Cute poem, JoJo. It had me thinking about the trails of ants in my first apartment. I swear they must have been a mile long! In through the winow and around half the room, then out through the door - like they pride themselves in making ant-designs on my walls!
JoJo, nice title, cute poem, skillfully written. I just loved it. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it. David
Ha, cute one! Now get out those ant traps, Spring is here, and here they come again... -chuck
Great poem here... JoJo... I Look forward with ANTicipation your next poem...10

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