What frozen waste we do not know,
A million miles of ice and snow.
Where sled dogs broke a virgin path,
A continent where no man has passed.
Lost in time, it has no face,
No history in this unknown place.
Then came the day the seeds were sewn,
And man took on the great unknown.
To do what was not done before,
The curious gain that they strived for.
This challenge faced, unknown to man,
To conquer this Antarctic land.
And record it all for man to see,
And clearly make a legacy.
A gift to us, brave men bestow,
This continent lost in ice and snow.


by Gary Bryson

Comments (2)

Gary, I could feel the chill as I read this. The pace and the rhyme were perfect. Provocative too. Kind regards, Justine.
Another great write Gary a poem with a great amount of depth. So many men have perished to conquer this vast waistland. Cheers Sylvie