Neem Leaves

My bedroom window
commands a bird's eye view
of the neem tree:
the sacrosanct leaves
endowed with freshness
transforming colours
from pink to light yellow
light yellow to green
the upward motion
towards the sky
the scorching Sun
the torrential rain
the shivering winter
can't stop the growth
of the gentle leaves
growth, a way of life
journey continues unruffled
I have the glimpse
through the window:
the dancing leaves
carry forward me
to an island of silence
I am gifted with
the pure oxygen
I am tempted to live!
the greenery full of love
you have guided me
you have consoled me
even though I am not able to know
I am feeling my growth
after I see you...
the pleasure of growth:

by Kishore Kumar Das

Comments (2)

Gary, I could feel the chill as I read this. The pace and the rhyme were perfect. Provocative too. Kind regards, Justine.
Another great write Gary a poem with a great amount of depth. So many men have perished to conquer this vast waistland. Cheers Sylvie