A Happy Man

Give me a woman, and sex
Don't make her a beauty or complex,
Make her destiny just to satisfy me
Then a happy man I would surely be,
Then maybe this woman, I won't want as an ex.

Give me a woman who won't complain
A woman whom I think that is not entirely insane,
If you can make that a promise or a guarantee
Then a happy man I would definitely be,
My desires and my dreams, I would no longer restrain.

Give me a woman who will not fight
Who will not argue with me, or kick or bite,
A soul that is gentle, and would not hurt a flea
Then a happy man I would certainly be,
Then to fall asleep peacefully, each and every night.

Give me a woman without any daughters
Then on a boat we can sail alone upon the waters,
Never would we argue or even disagree
Then a happy man I assuredly would be,
Just to know of sex, and peace, and no plotters.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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Ah, goddess, on thy throne of tears and faint low sighs, Weary at last to theeward come the feet that err, And empty hearts grown tired of the world's vanities. Rupert Brooke's prayers and hymns makes a deep impact.
a poem seeking a true treasure more precious than gold? ? ..........well written
Deep silence...... thanks for posting.....
Before the shrine i kneel! ! Thanks for sharing.