Antecedent To The Night

The hanging peace orb is gone; veiled by impervious haze.
Fumes of powder move through a still breeze.
Brave at heart, strewn, lie; their fate disclosed.
Nitrous oxide seduces some lucky few left to die.


Pride called many a man; duty requisitioned those remaining.
Twin-blades carried hominal weapon-bearers many heartbeats closer to the stop.
Friends only one day || triumph by their work and effort.
The last sunrise is the grandest and most greatly appreciated.


Panic snares the senses || once an agile weapon-bearer is a schlepper.
The man is now lame as terrible sound meets silence.
Reflecting in the eyes of a sole witness, rounds meet flesh.
Flailing, the man leaks his blood to the earth and soul to Heaven.


Nigh earth dies, corrupted by the hatred of men || saturated in perspiration and battle sweat.
Disturbing young eyes is the truth.
The last of the grand candle has sunk || smoke above illuminated only by the internal struggle.
Physical pain is in absence.


Rumors are worthless and untrue; veiled by a shadow || sight is the verdict of the battle.
Fumes of powder clear through a sad breeze.
Brave at heart, strewn, lie; their fate disclosed.
Survived are the heroes left to mourn for their losses.

(Published in Print in 'DeSSerted Island: Poem Collection' - 2014)

by Cameron Gallant

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