AK (26 July 1985 / Mumbai)

Anthem Of The Atheist

God didn’t create man but the other way round,
Miracles are a farce not worth a pound,
When nothing’s going right god is our need
To give us hope and strength to succeed

Only when we feel ourselves as weak
That god’s help we go and seek,
Not god himself but our faith in it
Gives us strength to try and never quit.

Love and faith alone have the strength
To make straight of what is bent,
Like the body the soul to is temporary,
Man can’t accept this and hence the worry.

He thus invented heaven and hell
But who’s seen them and come back to tell,
Though I don’t believe there’s god above
I believe in the message of kindness and love.

But people in the name of god kill,
Do they think forgive god will?
For me his message is bigger than him,
The day we realize, the world will be a living dream.

by AMyth Kulkarni

Comments (3)

I so loved this one, Its almost like its talking to me... :)
great poem 2 bad most people will shun u 4 saying god doesnt exist i mean who REALY knows people come in the NAME of god but they could be crazy or just make it up
Love and faith alone have the strength...thats a beautiful line akash...how true...i have written a similar poem...manmade God...love...nalini