Anthem Of The Waves, Part 2, (The Figurehead)

Startled by a sudden glow
that spread across the sea
not from lamps in decks below
like two small moons they gleamed;
a female form tightly lashed
bore wings with thorny spine
to her breast a shield was clasped
that challenged earth and sky.

Her pale white arms seemed alive
enfolded on the bow
though her hair was streaked with brine
shone bright her golden crown.
In her hands a short broad sword
that cut the angry swells
swirling round in slimy froth,
the waste the deep expels.

Opaque pearls adorned her head
and through the day she'd sleep,
in the dusk of crimson red
all men could hear her weep.
As if a spell cast from high
inflamed her silver hair
every breath and softest sigh
perfumed the midnight air.

With her gown our dreams would flow
and glimmer on the waves
and her eyes beauteous glow
would turn us from our way.
Thus we planned to free her from
the forefront of our ship
trapped in pain she often moaned
and burned in sun and pitch.

Our Captain warned, 'Leave her be!
No kindness will you find!
Do not set the creature free!
Who can know her mind? '
So determined in our choice
we cut her from the boards,
all desirous of the voice
that sang the maiden song.

She was larger than supposed;
we hauled with all our strength,
words of truth that we opposed
would judge for our offense.
We laid her on a silken cloth
in longing for her kiss
then the great ship veered from course
commanded by her lips.

by Captain Cur

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