(12/11/60 / Danbury, CT USA)


Don’t drown me
In balsamic words;
Driveling frothy sarcasm and
Leaving me tongue-in-cheek full of
Shock-puckered spasms,
You rabid dog!

At the mere untwisting
Of your verbal crap;
My jaw clenches!

Un-straddle your
Lemon-wedged wit
From my clear, half-full water glass –

Life was acidic enough from dew to dusk!
Now I tend to the sweet nectar of the gods
And hear that you still spin a murky cynic’s malt and even sweat
Dirty, brown.

The years I walk away,
Farther and farther
From your shit-eating grin,
The more I love
This joy I’m in; sweet anti-venom called
“Poetry after Divorce”
Saved me.

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