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Tapping, tapping the sounds I hear around me as I wait to be informed
As my mind begins to wander, as sweat drips onto the floor of the tiny crawlspace.
I sit to await my destiny

Whether it is life or death I do not know, but the walls are beginning to close in on me.
Chuckling from behind me
I think, 'have they spotted me? '

Or am I still left unseen
Time has past by yet I am still unsure...... For I have seen them but have they seen me.
I begin to get nervous and anxious all at the same time

My heart races and soon more tears begin to form.
I am scared of what the outcome may be.
But anxious to hurry up and get on wth what life has in store. If only it could be simpler.

If only I could see what they are seeing, for surely if they see me I will be killed, murdered..
Regardless of gender, why do I feel this need to rush things along for as long as it stays like this, I am guaranteed, life.

I don't understand myself at times, for if i rush things I will surely die, if I cry too loud me they will hear and no life will they spear.
Get on with it why don't they, reveal unto me what they know. I am terrefied, but the same thing plays over in my mind.

A tear drops and echoes throught the entire place.
Am I found?
This I do not know but my tears are uncontrollable
Because of the pain I feel.
This fight with anticipation may have just caused my death.

Never let anxiousness destroy you, take life as it comes! ! !

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Absolutely right. Foremost thing is to learn to live with the realities of life!